Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Diode Laser filters for Medical and Dental applications.


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Lasers have revolutionised surgical procedures, minimising swelling, bleeding and pain. Now Lasers are also beginning to radically change the way Dentists approach the most common treatments. Diode lasers in the 810nm –1,000nm range are well absorbed by red coloured tissues such as the gingivae increasingly being used in place of electrosurgery and standard surgery for soft tissue applications such as tissue contouring and gingivectomy. 980nm Diode lasers are also commonly used in soft tissue treatments such as sterilization of canals in endodontics.

Unfortunately Diode lasers differ from gas or solid state lasers in that their wavelength can vary significantly from laser to laser. In addition they are not stable during their lifetime or with temperature variation. This makes it difficult for the equipment manufacturers to accurately characterise the performance and surgical end results.
We have developed a class leading optical filtering technology which will clean-up and maintain a stable laser output in all types of harsh conditions including major variations in temperature. Brinell DL Plasma beam sputtered filters are ultra hard, non-absorbing and resistant to temperature variations as high as 500 degrees C due to their unique chemical and physical make-up.
                              980nm emission filter for soft tissue diode laser system.
In some cases Diode lasers are running close to their maximum output, many clean-up filters add to this problem by only transmitting 60-70% of the available power and absorbing some of the radiation. This in leads to laser and filter instability. Brinell DL plasma beam sputtered filters provide in excess of 92% transmission at the centre wavelengths and highly efficient blocking up to OD6 without absorption. This ensures maximum power is delivered to the place where it is required.

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