Thursday, 9 June 2016

Brinell 0166 Laser glasses for UV, KTP, Nd:YAG (1064nm)

Is it possible to block laser and see it at the same time? With Brinell Vision Convex 166 you can.

The new Convex 0166 is able to completely block 473 and 532nm lasers but lets you see the laser position using fluorescence emitted from the special absorption dye.

Blocking is up to LB5 for 473nm and 532nm however the new product provides an excellent alignment function.  The new glasses are suitable for Excimer, UV, harmonic Nd:YAG (266nm-355nm-532nm-1064nm), KTP, Ti:Sa, Diodes, Disc, Nd:YAG. 


Laser Safety Glasses Filter 0166 model is a special plastic filter with LB4 to LB7 protection level for Excimer, UV, harmonics of Nd:YAG (266 nm + 355 nm + 532 nm + 1064 nm), KTP, Ti:Sa, diode, disc, Nd:YAG. This Laser Safety Glasses Filter 0166 is mounted with CONVEX Aluminium enforced Frame model.

  • Application:UV, Argon, KTP, Nd:YAG harmonic
  • Material:Special plastics
  • Filter colour:amber
  • Visible Light Transmission. 22%
  • Very large field of vision by curved lenses
  • Sporty look
  • Low weight
  • Narrow covering on upper edge and sides
  • Side arm length and inclination are easily adjusted to fit each user
  • Also available with RX-clipin
  • Available with selected filters

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More technical information and protection levels: Brinell Convex 0166 Laser Protection eyewear

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